Ceramic Technology

The specialised ceramic coating creates an ultra smooth surface. Ceramic allows even distribution of heat across the total surface on the plates. Ceramic also emits negative ions which lock in moisture and natural oils reducing the stress on the hair during styling

Tourmaline Gems

Tourmaline is a natural mineral which produce a high level of negative ions. The gems are finely crushed and infused into the coating on the plates increasing the anti-static and moisture retaining properties.

360 Degree Swivel Cord 

All gorgeous stylers have a 360 degree swivel power cords. These allow for advances styling techniques avoiding damage to the power cord extending the life of the styler. All gorgeous stylers also have a 2.5 meter professional power cord allowing flexible use of the stylers.

Auto Sleep Mode

After 30 minutes if the styler has been left unattended it will automatically cut the power supply conserving energy and increasing safety.

210 c  Temperature

Tests show that this is the optimum temperature to enable successful styling on most hair types. All Gorgeous stylers with set temperature settings reach this temperature within seconds ensuring quick and efficient styling.

Far Infrared Heat

This technology heat the hair from within reducing the moisture loss and excess stress on the surfaces. It gives protection to the cuticle reducing breakage and provides faster styling retaining natural oils, and healthier looking hair.

Moisture Lock 

All Gorgeous stylers use ceramic, tourmaline and far infrared technology maximising moisture and natural oil retention in the hair. The Gorgeous Air dryer also uses unique ceramic heat technology to speed drying while retaining the maximum moisture retention possible.

Ceramic Heaters MCH 

All gorgeous stylers now use next generation MCH ceramic technology heaters. They produce very fast heat up times and maintain a high temperature with virtually no temperature loss and a a better distributed heat across the plates. Less expensive stylers use PTC heaters that are regulated at a set temperature during manufacture. They take longer to heat and have a bigger loss of temperature during styling. This will lead to uneven styling through sections of the hair. Most PTC heaters only achieve 180 degree heat, MCH heaters can achieve much higher temperatures.

Dual Voltage 

Gorgeous stylers can be automatically used in most countries around the world. No need to make any adjustments or alterations. (Please ensure the use of a correct local adapter)

Negative Ion Technology 

Eliminating static build up in the hair reducing frizz by neutralising positive (static) ions which accumulate when styling. The results leave the hair soft, smooth and shiny maintaining style and condition.

Micro Chip Technology 

Twin micro chip sensors maintain the performance on each plate (our competitors only use one sensor). They micro regulate the temperature on each plate, this avoids under heating but more importantly guards against dangerous over heating. Japanese thermal fuses optimize performance and safety, making the Gorgeous styler one of the safest products in the market. The ceramic coating on the plates is produced by the very best manufacturers from Korea. Using Tourmaline and Nano technology they produce the highest negative ion charge of any iron. Locking in more natural oils and giving more shine and gloss.

Variable Heat 

Temperature gives the stylist the flexibility to select the best heat setting for different types and condition of the hair. Selecting a lower temperature will avoid damage to fine on chemically processed hair. Higher temperatures are better for thicker hair types.

Floating Plates 

All gorgeous styling plates are suspended on a flexible membrane which allows dynamic movement along the central area. This maintains the perfect contact on the hair when styling, ensuring perfect results on every glide.

Titanium Plates 

Microscopically smoother than ceramic coating and therefore reduce damage to the cuticle. Excellent conductive properties mean they distribute heat evenly over the entire length of the plates with no hot spots.