Elyssia Shampoo 1000ml

Keratin Infused


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Elyssia Shampoo infused with Keratin restores and repairs the structure of the hair. Keratin and luscious oils combine to replace vitality and shine.
The special formula is free from parabens which preserves colour to maintain tone and life, detangle and add a beatiful shine and lustre to the hair.
Combined with Elyssia Cream Keratin Serum, Elyssia shampoo and conditioner provide an intense vitality programme restoring even the most tired hair back to healthy and glossy hair with vitality and shine.

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User directions

Elyssia Shampoo use a highly concentrated formula, begin by using plenty of water to activate the shampoo into a rich lather.
Gently massage throughout the hair and scalp to activate the special properties. Repeat if needed.
Rinse the hair well until all the lather has gone and follow with Volume Conditioner.